Alicia Edelweiss is an Austro-British singer-songwriter, multi-intrumentalist and artist based in Vienna. She started her musical career as a teenage street musician, hitch-hiking all over Europe for two years. On her quest for freedom and travelling without any money, she pretty soon discovered her passion and talent for music – back then solely armed with a guitar.

Settling in Portugal for a while, she recorded her first EP „I should have been overproduced“ (2013) three weeks after she began writing songs at all, due to a Portuguese friend she had just made that urged her to do so. The 7-track-EP was heavily influenced by the Anti-Folk movement in New York. She also began to play the accordion during her time in Portugal, which should become her trade-mark. Gradually getting bored by her existence as a hippy singer-songwriter, she decided to return to Vienna to explore new ways of performing and story-telling.

While performing a lot solo she was also part of nomadic folk-punk band „Old Trees“ as the accordionist for their tours in 2015, and joined the band of austro-pop singer „Voodoo Jürgens“ from 2016-2020.

In 2016 she released her home-recorded lo-fi debut album „Mother, how could you – a sick tragic comedy in 10 acts“. She has toured solo all over the Balkans, Austria, Germany, Poland, UK, France, Spain and Portugal and collaborated with many different musicians, performers and circus artists. She has done solo performances like „Komplett im Arsch – a tragic Anti-Opera“ (2016) or „Ich bin eine Ballerina“ (2018) in which she combines live music, dance and the circus arts. In 2018 a documentary was made about her called „The Sound of Alicia Edelweiss“ which followed her concerts and performances for 1 1/2 years.

In 2018, her performance at the renowned Popfest in Vienna, accompanied by her new band consisting of Lukas Lauermann on cello and Matthias Frey on the violin, was described as “one of the most touching, most intimate and at the same time most entertaining performances of the whole Popfest.”

In 2019 her long-awaited first studio album was released: “When I’m enlightened, everything will be better”. The release was followed by numerous shows and festivals around Austria, Germany, Slovenia, UK, Ukraine, Lithuania, Italy and Czech Republic.

Alicia Edelweiss Screenshot from "Leonie" music video